MTN Uganda Vs Airtel Uganda- Customers view of who has the edge.

airtel & mtn logoAll of us knew what would come after Airtel joined hands with Warid telecom to create a network with a total subscriber base of 7.5 million, that’s a total that rivals Mtn’s 10.4 subscribers.

If we look at the QOS that we receive, all that’s because elephants are fighting and the grass is rather enjoying. when we think of Apps,services,SMS,Mobile Banking,Data,Voice being transmitted via mobile carriers that have gained speeds of 42mbps for 3G+ then to 4G LTE then these companies are pioneering the move.

Ok. lets detail who is taking the lead on different platforms


All the players have resorted to packaging their data subscription. Airtel is taking the lead on this with its popular Pakalast. Mtn still depends on standard Per second and Per Minute Plus the newly created Mega Bonus.take a look at Airtel’s voice bundle plans

airtel voiceIan from Kisasi Uganda say “I use my Airtel line for  mainly calling , with the different packages they offer i normally use Kyabise combo 40 after loading Airtime woth 1500Ush  i get 40 mbs, 40mins and 40 sms which i can use to meet my daily demands.

Compare with Mtn mtn voice


Both Players copy and Paste their Tariffs .you just have to switch to the player you prefer. with MTN rolling out 4GLTE throughout the country, that’s worth thinking about  if you are a corporate entity looking to run your network throughout your branches in different parts of the country. Airtel still running 3G+ has a way to go in this sector.

check out Airtel’s Data tarrifs which are charged 0.8 Ush perkbairtel Data compare with Mtnmtn dataData me2u from MTN and Tugabane from Airtel are the new additions where a user can use to share data with someone.


Airtel Money and Mtn Mobile money are the talk of the country with Mtn Uganda having subscribers in numbers of 7.3m as of march 2015 and Airtel trailing with 3.4M. that’s a figure that worries Commercial Banks.

But who is having the edge as the two players are concerned. this is a say from  Ronald

“Mtn Mobile Money was the first to start the bussiness in  2009 so people where first to jump onto the system by the time Warid pesa came  it was already late. thanks to the merger with Airtel we now have two competitors who offer a diversity and we can now access the service throught the country”

Airtel has spiced it up by launching Airtel MoneyApp

airtel money app

That’s a platform that  brings Mixed reaction as to how many people have smart phones to use the service and how secure is it to transact over TCP/IP platform. The beauty is we have to avoid using the Notorious USSD codes which my Grandmother with 70 years has to put in her old head.

we also note two diferences with these agents  as relates to transparency where Agents are able to view their transaction commission and are also  able to be paid promptly .that’s where MTN looses it and it has to be considered soon or later.


lets say that would come no-matter what. As everyone rushes to get a new smartphone that has been released the previous day,the best place to start with is the customer care shops for these operators .what will kill you is the pricing that comes with the device. check out this Huawei P8 that has recently been launched and see how each prices it.

from Airtel

airtel huawei p8

From MTN Uganda

huawei p8 from mtn








MTN is taking the lead on Data services as it has invested heavily in fiber optics which is good for its enterprise customers but its playing catch-up in mobile banking and voice services.

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